Lion's Mane Gummies: What They Are & What to Look For

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      You’ve heard of lion’s mane mushrooms. Those shaggy delicious and functional fungi that have been linked to cognitive and nerve health. 

      But what about lion’s mane gummies?

      How are they made?

      Are they as effective as other methods of supplementation?

      Lion's mane can be taken by powder, capsule, tincture, and even eaten as a gourmet mushroom. In this article, we'll cover the "newest" form of supplementation, lion's mane gummies.

      We'll even break down the best lion's mane mushroom gummies in the industry and what you should be looking for when shopping for products!

      What are lion’s mane mushrooms?

      Lion’s mane mushrooms (Hericium erinaceus) are unique mushrooms that grow in the shape of a cloud-like fungus with "teeth" growing down it that resemble the look of icicles. Many people compare this shaggy mushroom to - you guessed it - a lion’s mane.

      lions mane texture

      Although studies on medicinal mushrooms are still in their infancy, lion's mane has been researched for its ability to improve your memory and even treat neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

      With the increasing amount of research in the field, it's no wonder that supplementing with lion's mane has become more and more popular. And with that demand comes different ways to take them!

      But for the purposes of this article, we'll look into the medicinal aspects of mushrooms, and supplementation, specifically as lion's mane gummies.

      What are lion’s mane mushroom gummies?

      Lion’s mane gummies are an emerging and very popular form to take lion’s mane supplements. The gummies are made by combining lion’s mane extract (either powder or tincture) with other inactive ingredients to form a chewable gummy. Some companies may combine lion’s mane with other supplements or flavorings.

      For example, you may find that lion’s mane is combined with other medicinal mushrooms in a gummy blend.

      lions mane gummies in berry flavor

      Lion’s mane gummies are easy to dose and take with you on the go, making them a popular option for those who don’t prefer powder, tincture, capsules, or tea. Taste is a big factor in their popularity. But convenience is also key.

      What are the health benefits of taking lion’s mane gummies?

      Lion’s mane mushrooms are edible fungi that have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Today, they are gaining popularity for their potential cognitive benefits. Some studies suggest that lion’s mane can improve memory and cognitive function in older adults.

      Additionally, lion’s mane mushrooms contain compounds that may help protect the brain from age-related damage. Lion’s mane mushrooms are also a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, which are thought to promote brain health.

      If you'd like to take a look at some well known studies, take a look at this article that covers more of the potential benefits of lion’s mane gummies, including:

      • Cognitive/brain health
      • Depression
      • Anxiety
      • Nerve health
      • Menopause mood support
      • Diabetes
      • Heart health
      • Anti-cancer
      • Diabetes
      • Healing wounds

      The reality is that lion’s mane could be useful for a variety of conditions, but we are still learning about what they are best suited for and how it works. We’ll keep you updated on all new studies and look forward to future developments!

      Are lion’s mane gummies as effective as other supplement methods?

      Most of the research on lion’s mane gummies have used extract powder, capsules, or tinctures. Traditionally, lion’s mane has been brewed as a tea for thousands of years.

      So you may be wondering:

      Are gummies as effective as these other methods?

      More research needs to be done. But as long as your product is using high-quality ingredients, you can reasonably expect a gummy to have the same medicinal effects as a tincture. Just pay close attention to your product’s label and third-party lab results.

      We talk more about what to look for in a gummy product below, including some of the top brands to try.

      lions mane mushroom gummies on a spoon

      How many lion's mane gummies should I take?

      With a relatively wide “typical dose” recommendation, it all depends on the health condition you’re interested in using lion’s mane for. If you’re taking it to maintain your health, whether it be for cognitive health or immune support, many dosage sources recommend between 500-1000mg of lion’s mane mushroom per day.

      However, if you have a more serious condition, you will want to consult your doctor and look to increase your dosage.

      We put together a complete dosage guide if you want to learn more about how much lion's mane supplement to take

      Gummies on the market will typically have between 250-500mg of lion’s mane extract per serving. Depending on your particular product, you’ll usually take between 1-3 gummies per day.

      How often should I take lion’s mane gummies?

      For the best results, it is usually recommended to take lion’s mane daily for at least four weeks. There is very little research concerning whether lion’s mane is safe to take at moderate dosages for extended periods of time.

      Lion’s mane isn’t just a medicinal mushroom, it’s a gourmet mushroom that’s incredibly popular to cook with. It’s generally considered safe to take.

      sauteed lions mane

      Always speak with your doctor before incorporating any supplements into your diet to determine your appropriate dosage and cadence. .

      What are the side effects of lion’s mane gummies?

      Lion's mane mushrooms are an amazing natural supplement that can have a profound effect on your cognitive abilities. However, like any supplement, there are a few potential side effects to be aware of. The most common side effect is gastrointestinal distress, which can cause bloating, gas, and diarrhea.

      If you experience these symptoms, try reducing your dosage or take the mushrooms with food.

      Lion's mane can also cause headaches in some people, so if you experience this side effect, stop taking the mushrooms and consult a doctor.

      Overall, lion's mane mushrooms are safe for most people to take, but as with any supplement, it's always best to speak with a doctor before starting to take them. 

      Learn more about the side effects of lion's mane supplementation here.

      What to look for in lion’s mane gummy products

      If you’re ready to shop for lion’s mane gummies, we have a guide to help steer you in the right direction.

      You’ll want to be aware of a few different things including the fruiting body ratio, the extraction process, the extract ratio, the dosage of the gummy, and whether it's been third-party lab tested for quality and safety.

      Let's dive in: 

      1. Understand if your gummy is using lion's mane fruiting body vs mycelium

      When it comes to mushrooms, it’s important to know what part of the mushroom is in the product. Most mushrooms have a higher content of beneficial compounds in the mushroom cap and stem (the fruiting body) which is what you’d see above the ground.

      Then there is the mycelium of the mushroom, which is the root-like system of the fungus. When it comes to lion’s mane, though, both the fruiting body and the mycelium can have potential benefits.

      mycelium vs fruiting body graphic

      It may be best to find a product that has both. If not, look for a product that is 100% fruiting body. This assures a higher quality product vs one that ONLY uses the mycelium. You’re missing out on a lot of the potential benefits if the company you’re purchasing your lion’s mane gummies from is only using the root system (mycelium).

      2. Determine the extraction method of your lion's mane gummy

      There is a lot of information out there regarding extracted mushrooms vs non-extracted mushrooms. In fact, it's such a large topic that we wrote an entire extraction guide here.

      If not, you're not familiar with extraction methods, here's a quick review:

      Mushrooms have tough cell walls that we cannot break down. In order for us to absorb the beneficial properties of mushrooms, we need the product to go through an extraction, typically a dual extraction of hot water and alcohol. This breaks down those cell walls and makes polysaccharides (beta-glucans), sterols, and terpenes bioavailable for us!

      Without that process, it’s tough to say how beneficial these mushrooms will be for us, from a medicinal standpoint of course. Eating mushrooms raw is a great source of nutrition as well!

      3. Understand the dosage of mushroom extract in your gummies

      Dosage is incredibly important when it comes to finding the best lion’s mane gummy. We do want to point out that you’ll likely get more bang for your buck when you buy lion’s mane extract as a capsule, powder, or tincture. The reason is that gummies can be challenging to work with and it’s hard to get the same amount of lion’s mane into each gummy vs. taking a pure product of extract directly.

      For example, a capsule, powdered extract, or tincture is likely going to have about 1000mg per serving and can have 30-45 servings at a price that’s around $30. Gummies on the other hand will likely have between 250-500mg per serving and cost close to the same amount.

      Nevertheless, you can still reap the benefits of lion’s mane by taking them as gummies. Plus, they are a delicious way to get your daily dose of lion’s mane! Tough to beat that!

      4. Be wary of extract ratios

      There is one issue that we see with lion’s mane mushroom gummies. Some companies will “overstate” the amount of mg’s that are in the gummies. For example, companies may state 2500mg per serving, but they’ll base this off of 250mg of 10:1 extract. A 10:1 extract means that they’ll use 10 pounds of mushrooms to produce 1 pound of mushroom extract.

      extract ratios graphic

      So, this can lead many to believe that they offer a more potent product. But this type of ratio labeling can be a little misleading. We do still think there are great products out there, though! You just want to be cognizant of that before buying. It’s important to look for companies that test their products with a 3rd party lab as well.

      5. When in doubt, look for a COA

      A COA - or Certificate of Analysis - is a third-party lab-generated analysis of a supplemental product. These are a valuable guide for understanding the quality of the mushroom product you're buying. COAs for mushroom products can be difficult to obtain. That's partly because a standardized testing protocol hasn't been established. 

      When it comes to lion's mane, at a minimum, you want to look for a guaranteed analysis of beta-glucan content. Excellent mushroom extracts can register up to 25% beta-glucans by volume. Make sure they aren't including polysaccharides from grain fillers in products as well. 

      Beta-glucans aren't the only valuable compound in lion's mane, but it's most frequently tested. Published levels can give you a fairly decent indication of the quality of your mushroom product. 

      What are the best lion’s mane gummies to buy?

      Here at Remeday, it’s our goal to provide customers with reviews of the best quality products. We rigorously research brands before including them in our product listings.

      Gummies are a relatively new commercial medium for mushroom supplements so we expect to see more brands emerging with time.

      We researched the following brands and feel pretty confident that you'll get a great bang for your buck with these products: 

      Here are our top three picks for lion’s mane mushroom gummies:

      1. Fungies Lion’s Mane Gummies - $19.95

      fungis lions mane gummies

      As far as a low-cost gummy goes, Fungies take the cake, offering 500mg of dual extracted lion’s mane per gummy. While the taste isn’t anything to write home about, as customers have had mixed reviews, the product is inexpensive and provides a nice way to supplement lion’s mane in a gummy form.

      2. Cure Mushrooms Lion’s Mane Gummies - $27.99

      cure lions mane gummies

      Cure Mushrooms wins on taste and packs in 250mg of extracted lion’s mane. Cure also offers transparent third-party lab tests on their products. They use their liquid glycerite extract in the gummies so you know that the potency is accurate and you can shop with confidence. The price is slightly higher than that of Fungies, but with subscribe & save, you can get your bottle for much, much cheaper.

      3. Troop Lion’s Mane Gummies - $45

      Troop lions mane gummies

      Troop is a known brand in the space, and while it offers a dual extracted lion’s mane gummy, the pricing is pretty high. Troop uses 100% fruiting body which could account for some of the high costs here. For only having 369mg of lion’s mane extract in each gummy, we’d expect the price to be much lower. At $45, there are other options out there that may better suit you. 

      Even with subscribe & save, they still ask $36 per bottle. Overall, a solid product, but with rising costs across the board in today’s world, we’d hope for a bigger discount and more in-line pricing with other brands.

      How is lion’s mane used as a supplement?

      Lion’s mane mushrooms are a type of fungi that have been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine. These mushrooms are known for their cognitive-boosting properties and have been shown to improve memory, focus, and concentration.

      This powerful functional mushroom contains compounds like hericystin and erinacines, which are thought to promote nerve growth factor (NGF) production. NGF is a protein that helps support the growth and maintenance of neurons. In addition to their cognitive-enhancing effects, lion’s mane mushrooms have also been shown to boost immune system function, fight inflammation, and reduce anxiety and depression symptoms.

      Lion's mane isn't just a well-known medicinal mushroom, but is used in culinary dishes as well. It can be found in popular dishes like lion’s mane crab cakes. It’s flavor is ideal as a substitution for mild white fish.

      If you're interested in trying lion's mane mushrooms, they can be purchased at your local health food store or ordered online on sites like Amazon. You can eat them raw and easily slice them up into salads or pasta dishes.

      Final thoughts on mushroom gummies

      If you don’t like the taste of mushroom extract, whether it be in tincture or powder, it’s probably best to opt for a capsule, where you’ll likely get a higher dose and no sugar, all for a much better price point.

      But, we understand that’s not for everyone and gummies are the most popular nutritional product on the market right now! So, for that reason, lion’s mane mushroom gummies can be a great “treat” to add into your daily routine. After all, the main factor about mushroom supplements is continued use. That’s when the real benefits happen. If taking a gummy every day can keep you in a better routine than taking lion’s mane in another form of deliverability, then we’re all for it!

      After all, each person has their own personal preference and it’s up to you to experience it for yourself!

      If you have any other comments or questions, just reach out any time! We're just a handful of shroom nerds at your service. 

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