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      The Best Mushroom Grow Kits

      Whether you're looking for the perfect gift or starting your gourmet enterprise
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      The Best Mushroom Capsule Brands

      We've compiled our top three brands for top-quality mushroom supplement capsules
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      The Complete Guide to Psilocybin Therapy

      And where is it currently available? Find out in our complete guide to using psilocybin for mental health.
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      Functional Mushrooms: The Top Varieties and Health Benefits

      The shroom boom is here - and Americans are taking notice.

      From their medicinal benefits, to their amazing taste or mind-altering capabilities,...

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      Mushrooms as therapy
      There's a lot of interest in the medical community right now about the potential to use psilocybin - or magic mushrooms - as a treatment for depression. We've compiled all the science in one place. Check it out.
      Support your current treatments
      Mushrooms are incredibly high in beta-glucans. Some are higher than others. Beta-glucans have been linked to improved immune response and showcase anti-tumor properties. Learn more in this guide.
      Join the Debate
      Ahh. One of the biggest debates in the mushroom community. Which is actually better for you: mycelium or fruiting body? Find out with this unbiased review of the facts.
      The boost you need
      Did you know? Studies indicate that cordyceps mushrooms may be able to improve mental clarity and increase energy and athletic performance. It's the perfect natural additive for your morning coffee. Find out more!
      Free your mind
      Lion's mane (and other mushrooms) are linked to improved brain function. More and more researchers are studying this functional mushroom for it's potential applications for nerve regeneration. Read more!
      Bask in the Science
      The ultimate guide to beta-glucans for folks without medical degrees. Did you know beta-glucans have powerful immune-boosting properties?
      Find your remedy
      Having a hard time catching Zzz's? Medicinal mushrooms may be able to help. Find out how mushrooms are used for sleep and which varieties are best.
      Decipher the Label
      Understanding extraction doesn't need to be difficult. Find out why extraction is important for getting the most medicinal value and the best extraction method for each mushroom type.

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      Understand the Science Behind Psychedelics for PTSD

      Legislation is sweeping the country to enable researchers to study how psychedelics - like mushrooms and psilocybin - can be used as a...


      Get the Quick Guide to Medicinal Mushrooms

      You'll find out everything you need to know about the top 7 medicinal mushrooms including reishi, turkey tail, lion's mane, and more! Use this guide to find out which mushroom is right for you. 

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