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      At Remeday, our goal is to help people navigate the world of mushrooms. This includes products that we love and sometimes feature on our site. If you decide to purchase a product from one of the links on our site, we may earn a small affiliate commission. This commission - usually between 5-15% - helps us keep this site up and running. 

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      The products we feature

      Only the best of the best in the mushroom industry

      When we started this site, we wanted to make it easy to connect consumers with some of the best mushroom products on the market. Please note that NOT ALL LINKS on our site are affiliate links. We choose our affiliate partnerships carefully. 

      We feature and collect affiliate revenue from products and brands:

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      We currently collect affiliate revenue from the following companies and brands:

      • Amazon Associates
      • Mushroom Revival
      • FreshCap
      • Real Mushrooms
      • Life Cykel
      • Rainbo
      • Ryze
      • Four Sigmatic
      • And more

      Please review our terms and conditions for more details. 

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