The Best Mushroom Supplement for Dogs (With Product Reviews)

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      Medicinal mushrooms have been used for thousands of years for their purported benefits on the immune system, energy/performance, cognitive health, digestive health, as well as their antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and even anti-cancer properties. 

      In recent years, as more research has been done and consumers continue to flock to supplements that may support overall health, the global market has grown and continues to gain popularity with human consumption. 

      As that happened, it didn’t take long for someone to say, “If I’m taking this for my own health, can I give this to my dog as well?” 

      After all, pet owners often shell out big money for their animals and for good reason! 

      They’re part of the family and we often care about their health even more than our own. So the question continues to pop up…

      Here are our top picks for mushroom supplements you can give to your dog:

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      Four Leaf Rover

      One of the very first mushroom supplement companies to tailor their recipe to dogs. Four Leaf Rover is a trusted company and offers a variety of dosages by your dog's weight. Four Leaf Rover has three mushroom supplements that we recommend:

      1. Immunity Mushroom Blend - Which incorporates a blend of immune-boosting mushrooms
      2. Turkey Tail Immunity - A concentrate of turkey tail which is a powerful immune-booster
      3. Brain Food - A blend of mushrooms to support cognitive and brain health in your pup


      Is a mover and a shaker in the mushroom supplement industry. Freshcap's focus on transparency and education makes their supplements a no-brainer for those looking for great quality products for their dog. 

      1.  Shroomies - A powerful blend of medicinal mushrooms for everyday health and wellness

      Can I give my dog medicinal mushroom supplements?

      The short answer is yes! Most mushrooms that you buy in the super market or at your local farmer's market are safe for dogs. Usually, if it's safe for humans to eat, it's safe for dogs to eat.

      Medicinal mushrooms have been studied for their toxicity in humans and in animal studies (most commonly mice, rats, hamsters, etc.) and are generally regarded as safe.

      Some of the most well known medicinal mushrooms include:

      • Reishi
      • Turkey tail
      • Chaga
      • Lion’s Mane
      • Shiitake
      • Maitake
      • Cordyceps
      • Phellinus  

      The Pet Health Network also says, “don’t worry about mushrooms sold in large-chain grocery stores – these are safe and considered non-toxic to dogs and humans.”

      However, as with any supplement you’re giving your dog, it’s important to consult with a veterinarian and monitor any side effects. We recommend taking a similar approach to introducing any new food to your dog. 

      Have you ever switched food and noticed it upset your dog’s stomach or caused a rash? Or given them different treats and noticed that they seemed itchy? 

      It’s always important to monitor your pet’s health and make sure your veterinarian is notified of any changes, especially if side effects present themselves. 

      What mushrooms are toxic for dogs?

      You need to be careful when foraging or adventuring with your dog in the wild. When it comes to mushrooms, there are a select group of wild species that are toxic to dogs and humans.

      The American Kennel Club lists the following species as toxic to dogs:

      • Amanita phalloides, known colloquially as “death cap”
      • Galerina marginata, known as “deadly Galerina” or “Galerina autumnalis”
      • Amanita gemmata, or “jeweled deathcap”
      • Amanita muscaria, called “fly agaric” or “Deadly Agaric”
      • Gyromitra spp., or false morel
      • Inocybe spp. and Clitocybe dealbata mushrooms

      Note that these wild mushrooms are also toxic to humans. You won’t find these mushrooms in commercial supplements for humans or dogs.

      Are there side effects for giving dogs mushroom supplements?

      If you're considering giving mushrooms to your dog, it's natural to wonder about potential side effects. More research needs to be done with mushrooms and mushroom supplements in order to have a fuller picture of the potential side effects.

      The known side effects of medicinal mushrooms in dogs can include:

      • Upset Stomach
      • Skin Rash
      • Diarrhea
      • Dizziness

      The same can often be said with humans when it comes to medicinal mushrooms.

      Some humans (and dogs) are sensitive to certain supplements. While the studies aimed at dogs are limited, it’s important to discontinue use and discuss with your veterinarian if any side effects do occur upon use. 

      But generally, the products on the market are considered safe and non-toxic to pets. Of course, you’ll always want to make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable company and you’re getting the best product available!

      The Best Mushroom Supplements for Dogs

      When you’re looking for mushroom products, you’re likely interested in the immune-boosting properties (attributed to the polysaccharides/beta-glucans in mushrooms), the purported, anti-cancer properties of certain species, and even the potential cognitive health benefits. After all, we want our dogs to be healthy, both physically and mentally!

      There are two brands that we believe outrank all others and we’ll tell you why.

      Four Leaf Rover Review

      Four Leaf Rover Immunity Organic Mushroom Mix, 30 Day Large Dog Supply

      Four Leaf Rover offers a diverse line of supplements for your dog, from daily health and nutrition to allergy supplements, joint and gut health.

      They were an early mover in medicinal mushroom supplements for dogs and currently have 3 product offerings seen below. 

      What we love about Four Leaf Rover is their commitment to a high quality, organic product. We reached out to them to discuss whether their supplements were mushroom extracts (learn more about mushroom extraction and its importance here) and understand where they source their product from.

      This is what they told us:

      “We source our mushrooms from Nammex. They’re a Canadian company but their mushrooms are grown in China. They have to be ... nobody in the US or Canada can grow real mushrooms, it’s all mycelium. It’s just too expensive to grow here. So, unfortunately, if you want real mushrooms, they have to come from China. With that said, they obviously have a lot of controls in place!!! The mushrooms are grown in filtered air in the mountains 300 miles from the cities. They’re tested in China and tested a second time when they arrive in the US for heavy metals and contaminants ... and they’re certified organic. We feel 100% comfortable giving them to our own dogs because we feel mycelium doesn’t offer the same immune benefits. But sadly, there are no real mushrooms grown in the US.

      The mushrooms from Nammex are double extracted; using steam and alcohol. 

      Please see attached for our 3rd party testing!”

      We know Nammex very well. The company is one of the most reputable in the industry and they also own Real Mushrooms, which is a company that finds itself amongst our reviews for best medicinal mushroom supplements (for humans).

      This assures a high-quality supplement, one that we know well and recommend to humans. 

      And if it’s good enough for us, it’s good enough for our dogs! Let’s be honest, we really don’t want to give our dogs anything that we wouldn’t think is safe for us, right? 

      And even better, the company provided lab results that show the active compounds. This isn’t even extremely common in human products so for them to understand the importance of that and showcase it voluntarily proves the quality of their supplements.

      Four Leaf Rover Immunity - SGS Analysis Report 2021

      Four Leaf Rover is a supplement you can trust. And in our humble opinion, offers one of the best mushroom products for dogs. 

      Below are the 3 mushroom supplements they currently offer. 

      1. Immunity Mushroom Blend Review

      $34.99 (15% and $27.94 with Subscribe & Save)

      Their Immunity blend includes the following species and their potential benefits:

      • Turkey Tail - Immune Boost, Liver + Gut Health
      • Chaga - Heart, Intestine, Liver Health, and Antioxidant
      • Cordyceps - Energy, Liver + Kidney Health
        Phellinus - Immune Boost
      • Maitake - Immune Boost
      • Reishi - Anti-inflammatory, Immune Boost, Antioxidant
      • Shiitake - Gut, Digestion, Allergies

      The extract comes in powder form that can easily be sprinkled/mixed in with dog food. Just 1 teaspoon of the powder delivers 243mg of each species listed above. There are 30 servings (1 tsp), which can provide up to 60 days of supplementation depending on dog size. 

      Their recommendations for dosing are listed below:

      Body weight (lbs) Amount per day Daily cost & supply
      1 - 25 1/2 tsp $0.58/day (60 day supply)
      26-50 3/4 tsp $0.78/day (45 day supply)
      51-75 1 tsp $1.17/day (30 day supply)
      76-100 1 1/2 tsp  $1.59/day (22 day supply)
      100+ 2 tsp $2.33/day (15 day supply)

      Please check your package details for accurate dosage instructions.

      This unique blend is backed by a reputable company, sourcing high-quality, organic mushroom extracts at a very reasonable price. 

      2. Turkey Tail (Immunity, Energy, and Gut Health) Review

       $19.99 (15% and $16.99 with Subscribe & Save)

      Four Leaf Rover Turkey Tail Mushrooms - 30 Large Dog Servings

      The Turkey Tail product is a concentrated extract powder of that one species. Turkey Tail is one of the most studied medicinal mushrooms and is often revered for its high beta-glucan content which is linked to its immune-boosting and anti-cancer properties.

      Note that studies still need to be conducted to further understand its potential benefits. 

      Four Leaf Rover also lists that it may support energy and gut health.

      Don’t be confused by the size. Each small jar contains 30 servings (¼ teaspoon) that packs 458mg of turkey tail extract, good for the following dosages:

      Give Brain Food once daily with meals. 

      Body weight (lbs) Amount per day Daily cost & supply
      1 - 30 1/16 tsp $0.17/day (120 day supply)
      31 - 60 1/8 tsp $0.33/day (60 day supply)
      61 - 100 1/4 tsp $0.67/day (30 day supply)
      100+ 1/2 tsp  $1.33/day (15 day supply

      Please check your package details for accurate dosage instructions.

      If you’re most interested in giving your dog a turkey tail supplement, this will be a clear winner!

      3. Brain Food (Cognitive Health) Review -



      Four Leaf Rover Brain Food - 30 Day Medium Dog SupplyIts third product offering is strictly designed for cognitive health. The ingredients include bovine brain extract, blueberries, and lion’s mane.

      Lion’s mane is most commonly discussed for it’s potential for cognitive health which makes it a clear choice in this blend for Four Leaf Rover.

      Each serving packs 200mg of lion’s mane among the other ingredients. 

      Dosing is listed as such:

      Give Brain Food once daily with meals. 

      Body weight (lbs) Amount per day Daily cost & supply
      1 - 30 1/4 tsp $0.47/day (60 day supply)
      31 - 60 1/2 tsp $0.93/day (30 day supply)
      61 - 100 3/4 tsp $1.27/day (22 day supply)
      100+ 1 tsp  $1.87/day (15 day supply

      Please check your package details for accurate dosage instructions.

      When it comes to our dog’s health, we don’t just associate that with physical performance. Like humans, our cognitive health declines as we age and the use of lion’s mane may help prevent deterioration and slow decline.

      It’s one of the most popular medicinal mushroom supplements for humans over the past few years, which is clear why it’s making its way into pet health.

      Four Leaf Rover is leading the charge, is dedicated to pet nutrition, and is educated about mushroom extraction and what differentiates a good product from an inferior one. For that, we have them at the top of our list for best mushroom products for dogs.

      Freshcap Review

      FreshCap Shroomies Immunity Bites - Chicken Flavor

      When it comes to the best mushroom products for dogs, FreshCap Shroomies should be your number one choice for pet chews.

      If you’ve seen other articles on the site, FreshCap is a crowd favorite at Remeday, as their human products reign supreme in multiple categories.

      Their quality is unmatched, focusing on organic extracts that come entirely from the fruiting body of mushrooms, with complete lab test transparency on their site.

      It’s a product and a company that you can trust and its why their dog chews are at the top of our list.

      FreshCap Shroomies Review

      $27.99 or 20% off and $22.36 with Subscribe & Save

      Dog sitting outside in grass, with FreshCap Shroomies bag at his feet

      Shroomies are packed with a full lineup of mushrooms and other beneficial ingredients.

      • Shiitake 
      • Turkey Tail
      • Lion’s Mane
      • Maitake
      • Phellinus
      • Cordyceps
      • Reishi

      FreshCap Shroomies Product Facts

      The product is designed to support:

      • Healthy Joints
      • Heart Health
      • Cognitive Wellness
      • Immunity Support
      • Relaxation

      Which is clear by its use of other ingredients like omega 3’s from fish oil, l-theanine (used often to support relaxation), kelp, and turmeric. 

      Dosing is listed as such:

      Weight (lbs) Daily Amount
      Up to 25 2 mushroom chews
      26 - 75 3 mushroom chews
      Over 75 4 mushroom chews

      Please check your package for accurate dosage information. 

      Each package contains 180 chews which could be good for 45-90 days depending on your dog’s weight.

      It’s a very reasonable price, especially if you subscribe. 


      The product is also Non-GMO, Gluten Free, and Paleo.

      FreshCap is regarded as one of the best mushroom supplement brands for humans, so their involvement with pet products makes sense. They understand the importance of the extraction process, are well-versed in the medicinal mushroom field, and aim to educate consumers.

      For that, we provide you with a trustworthy and transparent brand that offers the best mushroom chews for dogs.

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