Amanita Muscaria Gummy Effects | What to Expect During Your Trip

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      In the realm of psychedelics, where curiosity meets the pursuit of altered consciousness, a new player has emerged on the scene: Amanita mushroom gummies.

      You're here, so you're probably wondering what these gummies are and what they feel like. 

      We spoke with a variety of experts to find out more and what we found was quite suprising: while some people felt the effects of Amanita Muscaria quite strongly, others seemed not to be affected by them at all. 

      Amanita mushroom gummies are rapidly gaining attention among those seeking novel paths to introspection, self-discovery, and a journey beyond the ordinary. But will they work for you?

      Let's dive in. 

      What makes amanita mushrooms gummies psychedelic?

      The effects of Amanita mushroom gummies are intricately tied to their chemical composition, specifically the presence of two primary psychoactive compounds: ibotenic acid and muscimol.

      Amanita mushroom gummies are not the same as traditional 'magic' mushrooms which contain psilocybin

      Understanding these compounds is fundamental to comprehending the nature of the experiences that Amanita mushroom gummies can induce.

      Let's break it down:

      Ibotenic acid

      Ibotenic acid is the precursor compound found in Amanita Muscaria mushrooms, and it plays a crucial role in the journey. When consumed, ibotenic acid undergoes a fascinating transformation within the human body.

      It acts as a prodrug, meaning it doesn't induce the primary psychedelic effects on its own.

      Instead, it metamorphoses into another compound called muscimol.


      Muscimol is the compound responsible for the psychedelic effects associated with Amanita Muscaria. Once ibotenic acid is ingested, it undergoes decarboxylation, a chemical process that converts it into muscimol.

      Muscimol, in its own right, has a profound impact on the central nervous system. It interacts with GABA receptors in the brain, leading to a range of perceptual and cognitive alterations.

      Are you thinking of trying them? Then here's an idea of what you might expect. Remember, everyone's experience may differ. 

      Amanita Muscaria

      Amanita muscaria gummy effects

      An Amanita mushroom gummy journey is a multifaceted exploration of consciousness, characterized by a range of effects that can be both profound and enigmatic.

      As you consume these gummies and embark on your adventure, be prepared to encounter a spectrum of experiences that can touch on perception, emotion, thought, and beyond.

      However, users should be warned that the effects are not the same as psilocybin, the compound in other 'magic' mushrooms. Many users report that their experience was much more muted than with other psychedelics. 

      1. Alterations in perception

      An altered state of consciousness is why many folks choose to experiment with amanita muscaria. Like their psilocybin cousins, amanita mushroom gummy trips are renowned for their unique perceptual alterations.

      You might experience:

      • Visual Distortions: Colors may intensify and become more vibrant. Objects may appear to breathe, shift in shape, or display fractal-like patterns.

      • Auditory Changes: Sounds may become more distinct or seem otherworldly. Some users report enhanced music appreciation or even the perception of music that isn't present.

      • Changes in Sensation: The way you perceive touch, temperature, and bodily sensations may be heightened or altered. Some users describe sensations of warmth or tingling.

      2. Emotional intensity

      Emotions can take center stage during an Amanita mushroom gummy trip. And the range of emotions can vary from trip to trip. Still others might experience a range of emotions within a single session. 

      Some examples of these emotions can include: 

      • Euphoria and Bliss: Many users report feelings of intense happiness and euphoria, often accompanied by laughter and an overall sense of well-being.

      • Anxiety and Fear: On the flip side, some individuals may experience anxiety or fear during parts of the trip. This can be related to the unpredictability of Amanita Muscaria experiences.

      • Deep Emotional Insights: Amanita gummies can foster deep introspection, allowing you to explore unresolved emotions, personal struggles, and even past traumas.

      3. Altered thought patterns

      The thought processes during an Amanita mushroom gummy trip may diverge from the norm. In fact, this kind of thinking may help you to achieve greater creativity, brainstorming, and idea generation. 

      New thought patterns might include things like:

      • Nonlinear Thinking: Thoughts may flow in unconventional ways, leading to novel insights, creative ideas, or abstract contemplations.

      • Heightened Introspection: The journey often encourages introspection, allowing you to delve into your inner world and gain a deeper understanding of your thoughts and feelings.

      • Loss of Ego: Some users report a sense of ego dissolution or ego death, where the boundaries between themselves and the external world blur.

      Wild Amanita Muscaria

      4. Vivid hallucinations

      Amanita Muscaria is renowned for its potential to induce vivid hallucinations. That's why it's incredibly important to only try Amanita muscaria gummies if you're in a safe set and setting. And we always recommend having a sober friend or trip-sitter on hand. 

      Hallucinations might include: 

      • Visual Hallucinations: Users may see patterns, images, or scenes that appear entirely real, even though they are purely products of the mind.

      • Auditory Hallucinations: Some individuals report hearing voices, music, or sounds that do not exist in their physical surroundings.

      5. Altered sense of time and space:

      During the trip, your perception of time and space can become distorted. 

      You might experience things like: 

      • Time Dilation: Minutes may feel like hours, or hours may pass in what seems like minutes.

      • Sense of Connectedness: Some users experience a profound sense of interconnectedness with nature, the universe, or other beings.

      6. Therapeutic insights and personal growth

      Beyond the sensory and perceptual effects, Amanita mushroom gummy trips can offer therapeutic insights and opportunities for personal growth.

      These gummies are renowned for their ability to inspire:

      • Self-Reflection: The altered state of consciousness can facilitate deep self-reflection, allowing you to gain clarity on personal issues and life goals.

      • Healing: Some users report therapeutic benefits, such as catharsis, emotional release, and a sense of resolution regarding past traumas.

      • Enhanced Creativity: The unconventional thought patterns and heightened perceptions can inspire creativity in various forms, from art to problem-solving.

      7. Integration and afterglow

      As the effects of Amanita Muscaria begin to subside, many individuals report an "afterglow" phase characterized by a sense of clarity, contentment, and enhanced well-being. This post-trip period offers an opportunity for integration, where you can reflect on the insights gained and apply them to your daily life.

      8. A marijuana-like 'high'

      For some folks, the experience might be less intense and feel more like a head-high you might get from marijuana or Delta 9. This subtle experience might lead you to feel relaxed, chill, and mellow. This appears to be the case for folks who are active or heavy users of THC. However, that evidence is exclusively anecdotal and we imagine we'll learn more about why some folks don't feel the effects as heavily as others. 

      9. Drowsiness

      Still, others report feeling almost nothing except some drowsiness. Many users report feeling tired sometime after taking them, which helps them sleep and stay asleep. 

      Amanita Muscaria cap

      How do Amanita gummies compare to other psychedelics?

      Compared to classic psychedelics like LSD or psilocybin mushrooms, Amanita gummy trips are often described as notably milder in a number of ways. 

      While classic psychedelics can evoke intricate and sometimes overwhelming visual hallucinations, Amanita gummy experiences tend to offer visuals that are more subdued and gentle. 

      Those who have tried other types of psychedelics should be aware of the differences with muscimol. 

      Why do some people feel something with Amanita and others nothing?

      To find this out, we asked the folks over at Moonwlkr.com. An industry leader in rare cannabinoids, they worked with a mushroom expert to source high-quality amanita muscaria extract for their gummies. 

      And as we suspected, users report a variety of effects when it comes to these gummies

      We asked Olivia, Vice President of Moonwlkr, why some users seem to feel such a wide variety of effects.

      "When it comes to a substance like Amanita, users are reporting a variety of effects from insightful trips, heady highs, relaxed rides, and even drowsiness. We aren't quite clear why the experience varies so much from person to person. It could have something to do with THC use, as we are seeing many THC users report they feel fewer effects than those who don't use THC regularly. We also shouldn't discount personal factors such as tolerance, body composition, and medications. But the only way to know how you'll feel is to give it a try for yourself."

      Moonwlkr offers three flavors of Amanita muscaria gummies and have hundreds of happy customers. However, as their reviews reflect, a comparable amount of people didn't seem too pleased with their experience.

      We asked Moonwlkr how they're addressing customers who don't feel much.

      "A 100% money-back guarantee," Olivia said. "So customers can give it a try without any financial risk." 

      Moonwlkr Amanita Gummies CTA 1

      What are users saying about the effects of Amanita gummies?

      We crawled reviews and took a peek at some of the best and worst. 

      Here are some positive reviews of the effects of amanita: 

      "My husband is obsessed with the mushroom gummies. He likes the chilled out feeling and we'll definitely be ordering more! No complaints about the flavor either!"

      "At the lowest dose the experience is best described by Bob Marley. "Every little thing is gonna be alright" There was a feeling that there was peace in my world and it's all ok. It's a great feeling."

      "Helped with my depression and anxiety, and lifted my mood quite a bit. Colors were brighter, music sounded awesome, euphoric even. Senses were enhanced. 5 put of 5 stars. Would definitely purchase again 🤪😝😜"

      "These are so chill. What a wonderful experience. There's nothing out of control, and you don't have to worry about visuals or anything crazy. Just a relaxed, chill state of mind. Try them when they're in stock, you won't regret it!"

      Here are some other reviews of the effects of amanita: 

      "Had to take 2, but I felt good. Nothing crazy just but me in a really happy mood. I would recommend at least trying it"

      "Pretty much did nothing no matter what the dose. Slight euphoria but most likely placebo."

      Amanita Muscaria Mushroom

      How many gummies do I need to take to feel the effects?

      Amanita mushroom gummies, like many psychedelics, offer a spectrum of experiences based on the dosage.

      A lower dose may produce mild alterations in perception and mood, while a higher dose can lead to more intense and vivid experiences.

      The fine line between a moderate trip and a potentially overwhelming one underscores the importance of precise dosing when embarking on a journey with Amanita mushroom gummies.

      Dosages can vary widely, but they typically fall within the following ranges.

      For reference let's assume the gummy has 1,000mg of amanita-derived extract.

      • Low Dose: A low dose of Amanita mushroom gummies may range from 1/8 to 1/4 of a gummy. At this level, effects are usually mild and may include subtle alterations in perception, mood elevation, and a sense of relaxation.

      • Moderate Dose: A moderate dose typically ranges from 1/2 to a whole gummy. This range is where most users aim to explore. It can lead to more pronounced effects, including visual distortions, changes in thought patterns, and a heightened sense of introspection.

      • High Dose: A high dose, more than one gummy, can result in intense and potentially overwhelming experiences. Folks. We do not recommend taking more than one gummy at a time unless you have extensive experience with psychedelics. You should also consider enlisting a sober friend or trip sitter. Effects at higher doses may include vivid hallucinations, profound alterations in consciousness, and a deep dive into the inner psyche.

      Starting with a lower dose and gradually titrating upwards is a recommended approach. It allows you to gauge your sensitivity to the compounds and tailor the experience to your comfort level.

      Dosage isn't the only factor to consider when it comes to tailoring your experience. Quality and potency are paramount to the effects you feel. 

      What might impact the effects you feel with amanita gummies?

      Unlike pharmaceutical medications with precise dosages, natural substances like Amanita Muscaria mushrooms can vary significantly in their chemical composition. Even if they're farmed in bulk, the potency can vary from mushroom to mushroom. 

      Several factors contribute to this variability:

      • Preparation: The preparation method of the gummies, including drying and processing techniques, can impact the concentration of psychoactive compounds. Proper preparation is essential to maintain consistency.

      • Individual Sensitivity: Each person's body and brain respond uniquely to Amanita Muscaria compounds. What might be a moderate dose for one individual could lead to a profound experience for another. In fact, some people experience almost nothing when taking amanita mushrooms via gummy. 

      • Storage Conditions: Improper storage can cause degradation of the active compounds, potentially reducing the potency of Amanita mushroom gummies over time.

      If you've tried Amanita muscaria gummies and want to share your experience we'd LOVE to speak with you! Please reach out! 

      Meanwhile, enjoy a 100% money-back guarantee from our friends over at Moonwlkr if you want to give them a try yourself! 

      Moonwlkr Amanita Gummies CTA 4

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