Mushroom Immune Tincture Review - 4.4

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      When it comes to tincture brands, we were early adopters of the products over at Urban Moonshine. Our first introduction to Urban Moonshine was back in 2015, when a local apothecary recommended it for a stubborn case of strep throat. While Urban Moonshine's primary focus tends to be herbal tonics and bitters, their mushroom tonic represents one of the most balanced, thoughtfully sourced mushroom immunity tinctures on the market

      Their Mission? Our purpose is to support you in developing a deeper connection to plants, fostering curiosity about the natural world around you, communing with plant spirits, and embracing the Earth's innate wisdom to guide us towards sustainability as a species.

      Here are some of the reasons Urban Moonshine is a trusted brand:

      1. They're a small business and are independently owned: which means they are hyper-focused on quality, not quantity. 

      2. They are female-founded and led. They believe that female leadership brings a unique perspective, fostering innovation and empathy in everything they do. Their team is composed of talented individuals who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their brand, united by a shared passion for making herbal medicine more accessible and creating positive change.

      3. They share their commitment to sustainability. They are dedicated to sustainability commitments in our operations. They prioritize environmentally-friendly practices by shipping our products in recycled packaging made from pulp content and opting for plastic-free shipping materials. They source locally whenever possible and choose glass bottles that can be recycled instead of using plastic.

      Here are some of the reasons you'll love the Mushroom Immune Tincture:

      Elevate your immune health with Urban Moonshine's Mushroom Immune Tonic! This powerful elixir combines a harmonious blend of adaptogens, immune-boosting herbs, and time-honored medicinal mushrooms. Crafted with a deep respect for traditional herbal wisdom, our tonic is designed to fortify your immune system, helping you stay resilient year-round. Experience the synergy of nature's finest ingredients in every drop, and embrace a healthier, more vibrant you with Urban Moonshine's Mushroom Immune Tonic.

      On Urban Moonshine's site, they recommend the Mushroom Immune tincture for:

      • Supports healthy defenses & optimal immune function
      • Long-term, daily tonic for a healthy immune system
      • Great for change of seasons

      This tincture uses 100% fruiting body and is sustainably sourced. Not to mention, it's packed with other immune-boosting herbs.

      Urban Moonshine's focus on quality sourcing and sustainability makes them a potent and responsible brand.

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      Review for the Mushroom Immune Tincture by Urban Moonshine:

      Mushroom Immune Tincture → Overall Rank 4.6

      Product Details

      Tincture testing criteria & full review details

      Potency - When it comes to potency, this tincture has to be taken with a grain of salt. It's not a 100% mushroom tincture, which means that it's not a great fit for those looking for mushroom-only tinctures. However, when considering the other herbal elements, this tincture packs a powerful immune punch. 

      Transparency - When it comes to transparency, Urban Moonshine lists the farms and retailers they work with to make their tinctures. While they don't provide 3rd party lab testing on their site, this is not a common investment for a smaller, local brand. 

      Product Details - No two mushroom products are the same. We take a careful look at all nutritional facts and details before grading the product. Urban Moonshine lists all of their ingredients and use only 100% fruiting body in their tinctures. 

      Price - When it comes to price, Urban Moonshine's products tend to be on the higher side. However, compared to some other brands, their 2oz bottle is in range with what we would expect for a high-quality, transparently-sourced product. For those looking for the highest quality ingredients, Urban Moonshine meets the mark. At the time of this review, a single bottle of tincture rings in at about $27.99. However, they do offer subscribe and save (5%) as well as 10% discounts for new buyers.

      Guarantees - When it comes to guarantees, Urban Moonshine is happy to refund you if you're not satisfied, but there are a few steps you'll have to take first. Not only will you need a receipt and an appropriate time window, but they may also ask for photo evidence. Similar quality brands have a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. 

      Reviews - The Mushroom Immune tincture has more than 28 reviews and is listed at 5 stars. Not to mention, we've been using it ourselves for years and absolutely love it. 

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