Cure Lion's Mane Tincture - 4.7

      Cure Mushrooms is a relatively new brand to the market. But what they lack in longevity they make up for in product quality. Cure has worked with some of the best in the mushroom industry to develop a suite of incredible mushroom products that focus on functional compounds. 

      Here are some of the reasons Cure Mushrooms is one of our trusted brands:

      1. All of Cure's products are third-party lab tested for quality, accuracy, potency, and safety. Making their tinctures, gummies, and other products some of the most transparent on the market. 

      2. Cure offers alcohol-removed tinctures - which pack the same quality benefits as a dual extract but without the bite of alcohol. 

      3. Their products are certified USDA organic, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, triple extracted, and USA-grown. In fact, Cure Mushroom's tinctures and gummies use US mushrooms grown in the pacific northwest. 

      Here are some of the reasons you'll love the Lion's Mane Tincture:

      The Lion's Mane Tincture is designed for those looking to improve overall brain health and mental clarity. 

      On Cure's site, they recommend the Lion's Mane Tincture for:

      • Brain Fog
      • Concentration
      • Memory
      • Focus

      Cure's tincture is extremely high in beta-glucans, especially for a triple-extract tincture. Their third-party lab tests show results at 8.5% beta-glucans (1,3 1,6). 

      Cure Mushrooms is an excellent choice for those looking to support US-based Mushroom Farmers

      Review for the Lion's Mane Tincture by Cure Mushrooms:

      Lion's Mane Tincture → Overall Rank 4.7

      Cure Mushrooms Lions Mane Tincture Review
      Product Details

      Tincture testing criteria & full review details

      Potency - When it comes to potency, Cure's Lion's Mane Tincture is one of the highest potencies on the market. Their third-party lab tests show excellent results for beneficial polysaccharides with 8.5% beta-glucans

      Transparency - Cure Mushrooms utilizes the whole mushroom - but unlike some other companies - they allow the mushroom fruiting body to fully mature before harvesting, ensuring a healthy balance between the fruiting body and mycelium. After harvesting, it takes nearly 100 days for Cure to make their triple-extract tinctures. This ensures they allow ample time for the extraction process. 

      Product Details - No two mushroom products are the same. We take a careful look at all nutritional facts and details before grading the product. Cure Mushroom's lion's mane tincture is as pure as it can get, using only pure mushroom extract and cane alcohol in their tinctures. 

      Price - Cure Mushrooms hits the mark with price. Not many tinctures with beta-glucan testing this high have Cure Mushroom's price point. At the time of this article's publishing, the tincture is listed at $34.99 a bottle. But you can subscribe and save 20% off your order. Plus, Cure offers a number of discount codes and promotions through email, so be sure to subscribe to save even more. 

      Guarantees - Cure Mushrooms offers an industry-standard 60-day money-back guarantee! Rest assured and shop with confidence knowing their highly-responsive customer care team will make things right if you're not happy.

      Reviews - Cure Mushrooms is a relatively new company. But the few reviews they have across their various selling platforms are very high. At the time of this publishing, reviews average around 4.7/5 stars.

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